From praying the fat away in the 50s, to the Zone Diet wrecking all havoc loose in the 90s, dieting trends keep evolving. And at the moment, keto is the one that is all the rage.

The keto –Ketogenic– diet has been tremendously popular because of its efficient results in helping people slim down. It is lauded not only because of its expedited outcomes, but also because of its many health and beauty benefits, which are a sharp contrast to the other controversial dieting (read: starvation) methods.

When it comes to keto, there are a lot of buzz words flying around which make little sense- only enough to nod your head absent mindedly. Here are a few of the terms explained, so that the next time you hear them, you know exactly what they mean:

  1. Ketosis:

You’re probably thinking, ‘This one is easy! It’s what makes you lose all the weight when on keto!’

Well, yes. And no.

Ketosis is a naturally-induced, alternate metabolic state that facilitates your body’s ability to fuel itself on ketones and fats, instead of glucose and carbohydrates. When your body is deprived of its heavy glucose and carbohydrate boosts, it begins to adapt to the state of ketosis. When in ketosis, your body burns fats at a remarkable speed. This fat-burning marathon relies upon your high levels of fats, moderate levels of protein, and minimal levels of carbohydrates intake.

What makes ketosis possible is the strict consumption of your meals in the following ratio:

Fat 75%
Protein 15%-20%
Carbohydrates 5%-10%
  1. Keto Types:

Imagine the cringe-levels of a conversation that goes downhill this fast:

‘Oh you’re on keto, right?’

‘Yep! Churning all those fats into fuel.’

‘Same! So what keto type are you on?’

‘Umm, you know, the one where I don’t do carbs and do tons of…other stuff?’

Extended awkward silence follows, with a low-whistled, ‘Ooookay.’

Saving you from these unpleasant horrors right away, here are the three main types of a ketogenic diet:

  • High-protein: As the name suggests, on high-protein keto, you raise your protein intake from 15%-20% to a good 35%. Recommended for athletes and body builders who need to keep up their muscle mass in alignment with the fat loss, high-protein keto is also beneficial for people deficient in protein.
  • Targeted Keto: For the gym-freaks and sports pros, targeted keto focuses on consuming easily digestible carbohydrates right before you hit the gym. Targeted keto makes sure you get just the required glucose energy boost for a solid workout session.
  • Cyclical: If you can absolutely not completely quit that soda or go a long period without that steaming bowl of pasta, even if your life depends on it, then this is a flexible keto type designed especially for you. Allowing two glorious cheat ‘carb’ days, cyclical keto is the strategic consumption of carbs. Five days of reds and greens and a weekend full of rice and chips? Bring it on!


  1. The Keto Flu:

You know what they say, ‘nothing worth having ever comes easy’.

The fantastically fit form you are dreaming about too, is preceded by a flu that is a true tester of your resilience. The keto flu, hitting mostly in the second week of your ketogenic diet, is the result of your body starving and yearning for some good creamy carbs.

If you make it past the keto flu, you are all set to embark strong-willed onto a ketolicious keto journey filled with yummy keto diet foods that promise good health, a slimmed form, and a happier spirit!

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