Good physical health, youthful energy, improved immune system, beautiful and glowing skin, longevity, and personal gratification; That is what you are served in a plate of fresh, colorful salad. There are numerous benefits of eating salads daily that should motivate you to include a decent amount of vegetables and salads in your everyday meal.

Eat your vegetables. It’s good for ya!

With high nutritional value, salads can be filling and joyful addition to your diet. The bounteous, crisp veggies also increase your average consumption of vegetables and fruits that are loaded with proteins, vitamins, and minerals – another class of motherload of health and beauty benefits.

Surprisingly, many of us seem to ignore this obvious and simple fact. And instead of buying salads, we pump our body with processed food, synthetic supplements and artificial substances chemicals. Let’s be honest. Salads are cool, crunchy and fun to eat, if they are done with a bit of poise and a bit of art. Would you rather have your meals with a burst of greens, tofu, celery, asparagus, and crunchy peppers, or would you rather keep chewing up on the insipid substitutes?

Salads have numerous benefits, some of which are discussed below.

Disease prevention

It has been proven through multiple researches that salads have loads of good stuff (nutrients including vitamins and minerals) which help in disease control and prevention in humans. They are best recommended to prevent heart disease, fight cancer, and improve overall immunity.

The fibers in leafy green salads, for example, are an excellent source of antioxidant vitamins (A and C) and have chemo preventive capabilities. Salads are rich in fibers, which help clean the digestive system and aid in proper metabolism.

Weight management

We all have that dieting girl-friends (health conscious/fitness freaks) who we associate with all foods green. That is because salads are wonderful in giving you the right amount of nutrients without putting on extra pounds on your body. Eating a bowl of salads before regular meals can prevent you from stuffing yourself with the extra carbs and fats you have been working so hard to avoid. The low on calories but high on bulk salads provide satiety with small amount of food and thus help with weight management.

Beauty benefits

Most salads contain a good amount of water content that helps to keep your body hydrated and to remove impurities. The constituent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory elements in salads rejuvenates our skin and give us the dream glow and radiance. Nutrients in salads provide natural sun protection, prevent sagging of skin and forbid wrinkles. The extra amount of water also compensates for low fluid intake and help you achieve your dream of the smooth, rich and gleaming skin.

The nutrient value

Raw salads mean maximum quantity of vitamins and useful nutrients. Most of the essential ingredients in our vegetable and food migrate out due to cooking. But eating raw salads ensure that we are consuming all the goodness in these foods. The enzymes in raw salads, which may be otherwise destroyed upon cooking at high temperatures, assist our digestive system and ensure active metabolism.

Source of fibers

When it comes to fibers, nothing can beat salads. Eating high-fiber salads can help lower cholesterol levels and prevent constipation.

Surprisingly, our digestive system uses what it cannot digest for yet another purpose. The fibers from salads get attached in our intestines and sweep away all the food debris to clean the inner walls. Removal of the residues prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in our stomach and intestines, regulating normal bowel movements.

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